NomadsHost | Security
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One of the most important aspects we focus on and put extraordinary effort is, Security.

Don’t worry about losing any of your files, we provide daily back-ups so whenever you need to retrieve a file or even your whole website, this is possible. Every night the server and control panel software are being updated and security scans that identify a broad scope of vulnerabilities including malware and out of date code are carried out.

This distinguishes both real CMS upgrades, and vulnerable extensions/plugins.

Real-time on-upload vulnerability scanning. Anything matching a malware signature will be immediately quarantined. For your e-mail, outbound mail is throttled, so if an account is hacked and used as a spam source, the e-mail is stopped and technicians are alerted. Malicious web crawlers and site scrapers will be blocked by default as we are not fan of these ourselves.

Daily Backups

Three backup slots are executed and rotated automatically

SPAM Protection

Your overall website speed will get increased to its maximum possible level

Wordpress Plugin Security

Installation and Manage plugin Security for WordPress

CMS Security Updates

CDN Firewall Protection

WordPress Optimitzation

If you want your site to perform optimal and your visitors to have a great user experience, please contact us here so together we can find out what we can do